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Healing Sessions

The Yoga Tree Okinawa offers Healing sessions that incorporate Reiki and Quantum Healing practices with a support of Sound Healing and Aromatherapy.


During a Reiki healing session the practitioner transfers energy by placing their hands over or on the patient. This improves the flow of energy in the body, can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing and reduce the symptoms of illness. Realign chakras, removing blockages, allowing to reach recipients highest potential.

A form of mind-body medicine wherein a fundamental change in consciousness produces profound healing of the body and mind. Quantum Healing and Two Point techniques can be very powerful, helping to remove mental and physical blockages, healing past memories, even working with past lives and different dimensions.

90 min Session include Aromatherapy with 100% pure essential oils to enhance deeper relaxation and healing.
Sound Healing uses the vibrations of gong, singing and crystal bowls and other instruments to produce
vibrations enhancing deep relaxation taking participants into a cathartic journey within.


Breath Work/Breath Healing is a pranic healing technique.  Prana is life force, it is sustaining all life. During Breath Work session you will learn how to use your breath actively to deliver more Prana into your body. Bring transformation on physical, mental, and emotional level. It is a powerful tool that connects us to our Higher Self, our guides, resulting in clarity and deep peace.

 All Sessions are performed by Roksana, Reiki and Quantum Healing Master, and Sound Healer, 
owner of The Yoga Tree Okinawa


60min Energy Healing & Cupping ¥8,000

60 min Energy & Sound Healing: ¥8,000

90 min Energy Healing with Sound, Aromatherapy, or Breath Work ¥9,900

Please feel to contact us with any questions.

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